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The State of Alaska governs the licensing of those in, or attempting to become part of the real estate professionals in this state and all sorts of persons prepared to trade or do business in property must hold a valid license for that state of Alaska.

Alaska Commission Requirements to be a Property Salesperson

You have to pass an appropriate exam

You mustn't be under indictment for any crime or felony that would affect the individual's capability to practice in the condition of Alaska. You have to also not be under indictment for forgery, theft, extortion, conspiracy to defraud creditors or fraud.

You have to apply for a salesperson's license within six month of passing the exam

You have to spend the money for appropriate fees and meet the education requirements.

Where To Learn How To Be A Realty Salesperson in Alaska

Before you can go ahead and take test to become realtor within the condition of Alaska, you need to acquire 40 hours of coaching before you are able to take the exam for Alaska agents in realty

Here are some Alaska Salesperson Training Schools and Resources. Expect to pay approximately $500 for training in Alaska after which it costs another $100 to take the salesperson exam.

Alaska Property School

Royse and Associates Training School

Northern Trust School in Anchorage, AK

Realty School Online for the state of Alaska

Allied Schools

Testing for that Alaska Realty License

Once you have completed the 40 hours of training for a salesperson's license, you're not done yet, because now you must to pass the salesperson's exam, and this will set you back another $100 to accept exam, and a successful passing grade is 75%. If you fail test, you do not have to obtain more training and you do have a choice of using the exam again until you are successful in passing the examination enabling you to exchange realty in this state

What it really Costs for an Exam and License for Realtors

Including fees for the Alaska salesperson's courses (40 hours) and also the examinations costs, count on paying approximately $500 to acquire your realty license for the state of Alaska. Based on what school you attend for the exam you should expect to pay about $400 and and then the exam costs another $100 too, bringing the all inclusive costs to become a licensed property salesperson within the state of Alaska to $500 or more.
Investment Properties
Once you have passed your exam to become a licensed professional in the state of Alaska, all you need to do now is to start employed by an agent in Alaska to begin your career in Alaska property.


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